LS116 Optical Transmission Meter Light Transmittance Meter

Little issues with simplicity of usage can compile when pupils or alternative non-proficient users are working the tool, or any time the tool is used with high levels of throughput.

Alright, you have gathered your light transmittance meter readings. What can you do using all the information today? Do you need to write down those figures on paper, or punch them in to Excel by hand? On occasion a paint coat thickness gauge includes its support applications, letting you export or upload information to a PC. Other times, tools are created so that recording info is involving you and a pen.


For evaluation, it makes particular use of magnetic, automatic, and eddy current dimensions. Though this obviously has an Assortment of different possible applications, it is pretty Excellent for assessing cars

When you have taken dimensions, the ERAY Coating Paint Thickness Gauge could send your information to a PC pretty readily. And listed dimensions vary between 0 to 1400um, having a precision of about 3 percent or 1um. The minimal area you’ll be able to quantify is 6mm, fairly tiny.

Construct & Layout

The front part of the tool is quite intuitive; you will find four arrow keys along with three well-labeled operate buttons. You most likely don’t have to reverse through the user guide to determine what exactly the”zero” button will.On the screen, your information resolution reads to 99.9um — providing you 0.1um periods for each reading.

Additionally, it offers lots of space to sort through different menu choices, and for showing the maximum data, minute data stage, standard deviation, and the expression.

The screen also offers an error index if you can not get a clear dimension, and a low battery indicator to keep your device in action. There is a zeroing function along with a multi-point calibration attribute you can use for every single testing group you set. Moreover, you can set up low or higher alert limits for any specific profile you make.

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