Make Money Downloading Apps With Cash For Apps


We’ve just acquainted a route for you with use applications to make $200/month only for downloading applications. Presently we can expand that sum by adding another application to our rundown called Cash For Apps. Download an application, open it, and get free money.

Direct Link to App (reward code b92db2)

What Is Cash For Apps?

Much the same as the majority of different prizes applications that we’ve presented here on FFL, Cash For Apps is an online application accessible for the two iOS and Android that pays you to download different applications.

Each time you download an application, you’ll have to open it and run it for at any rate 30 seconds before you get credited. In any case, I more often than not suggest playing around with it and utilizing it for in any event a moment just to be certain that you’re getting your cash’s value.

Prizes are given as focuses. The measure of focuses you get per application relies upon the application you are downloading and how a lot of the designer is eager to pay to advance their application. Higher-positioned applications will more often than not pay you more. Focuses can be traded for gift vouchers to prominent retailers, for example, Amazon and Walmart.

For iOS clients, dissimilar to most applications you should download their product directly from your Safari internet browser. In case you’re holding an Android gadget, you can download it legitimately from the Google Play Store. You don’t need to pay anything as all applications that you download are free.

The amount Can I Make With Cash For Apps?

It’s imperative to return regularly, as new application offers are continually accessible. 300 points is proportionate to $1 dollar. When you first start off with the application, in the event that you complete every one of the offers you ought to have enough to win about $4 – $5 dollars right away.

After the primary day, hope to possibly add 100 – 200 points to your parity every day. While it is anything but a gigantic sum or a major, steady pay stream, it just takes around 1 – 2 minutes of work for every downloaded application. You can erase them when you finish.

While cash for apps prescribes opening the application that you downloaded for at any rate 30 seconds so as to get credited, I propose doing this for in any event 1 moment in the event of some unforeseen issue. There have been two or multiple times where I opened the application and erased the application excessively quick without getting credited.

How Might I Earn Even More Money?

Each time you welcome a companion you will get 90 on the off chance that they join through iPhone or 45 when they join by means of Android. Your companions will likewise gain 20 for entering your code. On the off chance that you’d like to help FFL and win some additional money, type in b92db2 when requested you referral code. We’d significantly welcome it.

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